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Yohance Boulden

Yohance Boulden

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Yohance Boulden is a father, leader, teacher, former soldier, and coach with an eye for getting the best out of people. His focus is on a whole person concept split into a four-point focus of body, brain, spirit, and soul. He possesses over 20 years of experience in leading individual teams and changing cultures with a background in instructing, training, jiu-jitsu, coaching powerlifting, coaching runners, bodybuilding, and getting soldiers ready for assessment and selection earned him a vast level of knowledge and information across multiple environments. He works with a few groups and clients providing feedback, subtracting excess, and getting to their personal win or a win for their current situation and environment. His intention is for you to see the best you possible and create that through an actionable plan with both tangible and achievable goals. He values a fail fast, fail hard, with constant adjustment and improvement approach while maintaining a personal win perspective.

Yohance’s client focus within NDYL includes:

• Cultivating a who better to save me than me mentality

• Creating goals, focusing on the execution of goals, and desired outcome from goal achievement

• Improvising overall satisfaction of your current situation while making room for the ideal you

• Improving your relationship and perspective with yourself

• Working through issues/current problems

• Developing confidence and an overall better sense of self

• Finding presence

• Establishing what works for you

• Career and personal growth

• Personal challenges

An individualized method to your coaching will be established using the following:

• Two 30 min zoom calls a month

• One 50min zoom call a month with 10 min follow up (based on need)

• Weekly email

• Private chats/emails for added support check-in/accountability

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