This is my Mentorship Program that focuses on Total Accountability. Check out the video below to hear Matt talk more about it.

Feeling stuck and stagnant in life is terrifying. The panic I felt around a comfortable life and thinking, "Is this it?" There was supposed to be more from life.

You want more from this life.

NDYL focuses on Total Accountability.  By realizing you and your mindset is the only thing that holds you back, you are free to try anything. Break free of the limitations and the expectations our lives feel wrapped up in.  By committing to control what you CAN and accept what you CAN’T, we can continue to face challenges head on and learn from our experiences. I want to help you eliminate fear and failure as your excuses for not living your best life. I’ll teach you how to accomplish anything with Inspiration, Awareness, Intention, and Action.


The NDYL community is hosted on a private discord server, allowing our members to easily access and engage with other members anytime on their phone.

Membership Includes:

• Weekly group live video reviewing that weeks topic and answering questions from the group

• Weekly home work, to help better your life

• Links to personally recommended content & audio books

• Becoming part of a community of people that want to make the most of their lives

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We offer Flexible options to join the NDYL community from month to month memberships, to full year memberships at a discount.

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