Montana Exposure Retreat

Our environment and stress is what shapes us.

If we want our body to get stronger we have to stress it so adapt and grow back stronger. This goes the same for our mental and physical health in any aspect. We have to walk toward the discomfort and find more in ourselves. It is through this chosen discomfort that we become our Greatest Self. The better we are at controlling our mental state and being able to find the abundance in the stress we have the longer we can continue to make progress.

You either choose the discomfort that shapes you or you will be shaped by the discomfort that finds you. No longer are we going to separate our mental and physical health into different categories.

What's Included:

Cold Plunge, Sauna, Breath Work, Hiking, Movement, Round Table, Break Out Session

Guest Speakers:

Dan Holguin

Matt Vincent

Bonnie Schroeder

Mike Crowson

Special Guests:

Keaton "The Muscle" Hoskins

And More...